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Member Card La Cite Des Nuages (LCDN)
La cite des nuages card
la cité des nuages

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Found on this page, the latest news dedicated to our members.

With the LCDN Card you will enjoy many privileges only for you:
  • A 10% * discount during one year (365 days) on all items in stock and pre-order of our catalog (off-promotion). For an item already on sale (barred price) you always get the most attractive discount. Reduction is not applied on the shipping costs.
 * minimum discount, but we offer a regular 15% discount on some pre-orders placed before a deadline. Two to three times a year (generally the week before the SALE period) we also offer to our members a 20% discount on the catalog in stock (excluding  NEW, PRE-ORDER, and DEPOSIT SALE items).
  • The LCDN Card is personal to you, you enjoy its benefits for a full year. It is associated with your account, after your purchase and payment, our technical department will take care of its activation on your account (a delay of one open day may be necessary), once activated the 10% discount will appear automatically on your purchases in your basket.
Please note that any purchase made before the activation of your card is charged at the full rate. If you would like to take advantage of your discount, please wait until you receive an email from our technical department confirming the activation of your card on your account. Activation takes place on the first working day following your purchase.

The LCDN Card is virtual, so it is not sent to your physical address.

The LCDN Card offers other privileges to its members as access to offers / promotions / exclusives items, ....

Do the math, your
The LCDN Card is quickly amortized.

Your LCDN Card is personal to you and you will benefit from its advantages when it is activated on your account during one year (it has no effect on your orders in progress or passed before its activation). It is valid for 365 days, it is not refundable. At the end of the 365 days it will be deactivated from your account. You will be able to renew your purchase for a new year if you wish. Therefore there is no tacit renewal or any domiciliation.
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