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Informations about the pre-orders

Information on pre-orders with and without deposit:

A product offered for pre-order is not yet in stock. It is therefore not available immediately! By placing a pre-order, you do a reservation on a product generally produced in limited quantity guaranteeing you to get this product when it will be physically released. A pre-order guarantees that you will get the pre-ordered item at a price less than or equal to the price of the same item when it will be available in stock, if there is stock available.

We secure your prices

The price displayed on our site for a pre-order may go up during its pre-order period.
This upward variation can be explained, for example, by the fall of the euro on the foreign exchange market or the end of a special price.

Your final price will always be the price that was validated at the time of your pre-order was done, this price is displayed and frozen on your order into your account. For example, if you pre-ordered a product at 50,00€ and you subsequently see an increase in the price displayed on our web shop for this same product at 70,00€, our offer of 50,00€ is still valid and will be the amount that will be claim when your pre-order is in stock. In resume La Cité Des Nuages protects your prices from the instability of the euro among other things and we assume the margin losses related to its possible decreases.

In the event that the price of a pre-order should drop, your price will obviously be adjusted to the same amount.

When should I pay for my pre-order?

When you place a pre-order you have the option of paying the full amount, paying a deposit, or making a free reservation.

For pre-orders with deposit (see also section Deposit), you make the payment of a deposit generally equivalent to 10% of the final amount, we ask for a deposit when the pre-order is of an amount higher than 150.00 €. The amount of the deposit paid and the balance remaining are shown on your order within your account.

If you choose to pay the full amount of your pre-order before its availability in stock, the shipping costs will be charged when this pre-order arrives in stock, you will then be able to define your final delivery address and or add other items in stock to your order. It is not possible to pay the shipping costs in advance, the period before receiving a pre-order can be very long, this system allows us to ensure that the delivery address will always be valid and it is also an additional protection for you.

If the pre-order is a free reservation (pre-order without deposit) we do not ask for any deposit. You will be informed by email as soon as your reservation is in stock, you are free to finalize this order. If you choose to pay for your entire reservation before it is availability in stock, the shipping costs will be invoiced to you when this reservation arrives in stock, you will then be able to define your final delivery address and or add other items in stock to your order.

Your pre-order with deposit has arrived in stock

You will automatically receive an email inviting you to settle your pre-order using a payment method offered on our site. You also have the possibility of finalizing your pre-orders or reservations arrived in stock in your account, a payment link is added in the original order when your pre-order arrived in stock.
If you have already paid in full your pre-order you will receive a payment request for the shipping costs.

You have 10 days to settle your payment. This period past a final reminder of 48 hours will be sent, if your payment is still missing your pre-order will be automatically canceled and the legal deposit will be lost. (see also The deposits section)

We physically reserve your pre-order for the entire 10-day period and the 48-hour reminder.

Your pre-order without deposit (free reservation) has arrived in stock

You will automatically receive an email to inform you that the pre-order is now available in stock for instant purchase.

If you have already paid in full for your pre-order without a deposit, you will receive a payment request for the shipping costs. You then have a period of 10 days to settle the payment for the shipping costs. This period past a reminder valid 48 hours will be sent, if your payment is still missing your reservation will be automatically canceled and the legal deposit (so here the total amount) will be lost. (see also The deposits section)

There is no reservation period for unpaid pre-orders without deposit (free reservations) arrived in stock, these products are available in sufficient stock, you are free to finalize or not the order upon receipt of the email. If you still want to guarantee availability, we offer instant payment at the time of booking.

Combine your pre-orders/ reservations arrived in stock with in stock products and or others pre-orders/ reservations also arrived in stock

When you have received the email letting you know that your pre-order / reservation is in stock, you can add other items in stock in your basket in order to combine them with your in stock pre-order in view of a single shipment.

Do you have other pre-orders / reservations in progress that are likely to arrive in stock within this 10-day period? You can wait this delay to possibly group other products with your in progress shipment.

How can I group in a single shipment pre-orders / reservations arrived in stock?

Simply click on the payment link already received as well as on the link (s) from other mail (s). These links are also present in your account. Pre-orders / reservations arrived in stock will then be grouped in a single basket with a single shipping cost. You just have to finalize your order until payment and we will send it.

Combine pre-order/ reservations who are not yet in stock in the same order

If you wish it is possible to group several pre-orders / reservations in the same order, but they will be processed individually on each arrival in stock according to the method explained on this page.

The estimated date of availability of a pre-order

The estimated date of arrival in stock of a pre-order is indicative and communicated by the manufacturer / distributor, La Cite Des Nuages sprl can not be held responsible for any delays on the dates announced. As soon as new information is received on the date of arrival of a pre-order in stock, we update this date on the product sheet of the pre-order related, so you just need to check the sheet of your pre-order to know the new estimated dates of arrival in stock. For SPAM reasons we do not send emails when a date is changed.

If the date mentioned has passed, this means that we are waiting for a new date from the manufacturer, distributor in order to update it.

Confirmed delivery date

When we receive confirmation of the availability and dispatch of a pre-order from the manufacturer or its distributor, whether it is located in Europe, Asia, or the USA, we will display the pre-order in the " upcoming ”. If your pre-order is missing from this section, we have not yet received a confirmed delivery date and therefore the actual availability date is not yet known to date and therefore unknown for our team. . A “arrival” banner is also added to the product sheet as well as a confirmed delivery date, this date is likely to be further modified in the event that there is an unforeseeable logistical delay such as customs control, delay with the shipper, ...

Your pre-order is canceled

This situation is very rare but it happens that a pre-order is canceled, the most frequent reasons are:

- We have received your pre-order but it is received with flaws, broken,... and there is no more stock available for exchange with the distributor or the manufacturer.
- We have not received all of the quantities confirmed by the distributor or the manufacturer, in the event that the stock delivered is not sufficient to honor all of the pre-orders received, we will first reduce the quantities to one piece per customer account, if this is still not enough we allocate the quantities in chronological order of the orders received.
- The production of the product is finally canceled by the manufacturer.

If the cancellation is confirmed you will receive an email from our team to inform you.

In no case La Cite Des Nuages sprl can not be held responsible.

If a deposit has been requested for the validation of this canceled pre-order, it will of course be fully refunded.

If you have made an advance payment for this pre-order, the entire amount received will obviously be refunded.

The deposits?

For pre-orders of an amount generally higher than 150.00EUR, a deposit of approximately 10% of the sale price is required in order to validate your pre-order. The amount of the deposit paid and the balance due are shown on your order within your account.

This deposit paid will of course be deducted from your total when you receive the balance to be paid for your pre-order arriving in stock.

If you should decide to cancel a pre-order with a deposit, this cancellation means without exception the lost of this deposit.
Your pre-orders are, on our side, validated with distributors, and or manufacturers, for which generally a larger deposit is invoiced to us. In order to maintain our good commercial relations it is generally not possible for us to cancel the order with them. This deposit covers, among other things, administration fees, commissions on payments received, storage costs, etc.

It happens that a small number of pre-orders take very significant delays in their production on the dates initially planned by the manufacturers,
in this case and if you request it we can consider the refund of your deposit. The delay must be minimum higher than 6 months on the date communicated to you at the time of your order. Thank you for approaching our customer service.

How to cancel a preorder?

To cancel a pre-order, please contact us using this form. In the event that a deposit is related to this pre-order, this deposit is lost (see also section Deposit).

If you have paid the full amount of the free pre-order without deposit that you cancel, the amount will be refunded, for this refund please contact our customer service using this form.

If you have paid the full amount of the pre-order with deposit that you cancel, the amount will be refunded deducted from the legal deposit, to obtain this refund please contact our customer service using this form.

A pre-order is no longer available for order

An product in pre-order with the mention "sold out in pre-order" means that all the quantities that we will receive from the manufacturer / distributor are reserved and that it is no longer possible to increase these quantities. Due to cancellations or other factors it is possible that the product will be available again for short-term pre-order or available in stock but it is impossible for us to foresee this opportunity in advance. We recommend that you subscribe to the stock alert, if the item is available again you will automatically receive an email.

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