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Gigantspinosaurus Deluxe Version Paleontology World Green Version Collectible Statue Series 46cm DAMTOYS MUS011EXB

Gigantspinosaurus Paleontology World Collectible Statue Series by Damtoys

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Jurassic Park

The Gigantspinosaurus, with a body full of magical weapons, lived in the late Jurassic Sichuan, China. It is like neither the early Stegosauria with bony plates in various shapes nor the later Stegosauria with plates that are largely consistent. The boney plates of the Gigantspinosaurus mostly take a long, triangular shape and are distributed from the top of the neck. Its special characteristic is a pair of enlarged shoulder blades which are even longer than its forelimbs, thus its name. The DAM Museum Series development team added minor adjustments while examining its features, combining with the Inner Mongolia Velociraptor to form a specimen type Collectible Statue that is uniquely China.

Name: Gigantspinosaurus and Inner Mongolia Velociraptor

Period: Late Jurassic

Distribution: Sichuan, China

Body length: 4-6 m

Category: Museum Collectible Series

Dimension: W 46cm D 23cm H 21.5cm

Material: Polystone