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Looney Tunes Statue Sylvester and Tweety Sweet Pairing 60cm

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Soap Studio

Looney Tunes Statue of Sylvester and Tweety, size approx.60cm. Official product by Soap Studio.

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Looney Tunes Statue of Sylvester and Tweety, size approx.60cm. Official product by Soap Studio.

The silly big cat who wants to eat the little bird but has tasted the bitter fruit and the clever bird Cui Di, who plays with the cats cleverly and cleverly-''Silly Big Cat and Cui Di'' launched a classic cartoon for Warner Bros. This pair of happy friends has been loved by players all over the world. This time, Soap Studio brings a new ''super big'' surprise to players who love them.

The size of the silly cat and Cui Di Huanxi’s family puppet is amazing, about 60 cm high. According to the original setting, the size of the silly cat and Cui Di is restored in a 1:1 ratio, and it perfectly reproduces the happy family. The line modeling and the charm of the characters present the flat animated characters in three-dimensional with the most interesting posture. The silly big cat sits with his long tail behind him, whether it is greedy eyes, pink tongue licking his lips, slightly opened left hand, holding Cui Di's right hand tightly, as if he is going to eat it in one bite in the next second. Cui Di's expression is very vivid. Looking at the witty Cui brother, although he was caught, he appeared calm, blinking his big eyes, it seems that he has a new trick to deal with and tease the silly big cat!

In order to increase the playability and fun, our product this time has specially added the ''change the cone'' gameplay: the Cui Di doll held by the silly cat in the right hand can be removed freely, and you can take the Soap Studio Cui Di cone series The blind box product is matched with it, replacing the original Cui Di doll with various styles of Cui Di cones.

Cui Di hiding in the cone seems to be more cute and ''delicious''. Bring home the silly cat and Cui Di vinyl dolls, and play with your blind cone box!

This product is not a toy or product for children. It is a collectors item intended for adults only.