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Endless Trip Series Action Figure 1/12 One Hundred Thousand Miles Project PES024 Damtoys x Coal Dog

Endless Trip Series action figure of One Hundred Thousand Miles Project, 1/12 scale . By DamToys.

€299.90 Tax included

Features :
Product types
Made of
  • PVC
  • 1/12

Endless Trip Series action figure of One Hundred Thousand Miles Project, 1/12 scale . By DamToys.


> This is a brand-new series about Dreams, Skies, & Odysseys

> There is no direct connection between the characters in this series

> Of course, they all want to realize their dreams, at least one of many dreams

> Endless Trip is also the only series with no scale & size limit

First Story: The One Hundred Thousand Miles Project

Rov & Laika have been flying the Silver Barracuda 23 in space for many years. Their mission is to explore the boundaries of the universe and be the first to get there. The long flight has greatly affected Rov and Laika mentally & physically. Sometimes they have hallucinations or disorders of consciousness. Sometimes the spacecraft would be controlled by Laika They support each other, sailing in the dead, endless darkness. This is a trip without a return ticket. The signal sent to the base has no response for a long time. Only the photo about to be blown away on the dashboard & Laika by his side could warm Rov Silver Barracuda 23 is always zooming towards their goal in the dark. No matter if the base is still there. No matter what they will encounter
. No matter if they are called heroes or not...

This “One Hundred Thousand Miles Project” is based on mankind’s space hero Komarov of the Soviet Union and space dog Laika. Nowadays, we seem to be accustomed to hundreds of satellites and various spacecraft flying above our heads. Hopefully, this little product can make these heroes’ stories drift away slower.

Content :

  • Helmet
  • Head Sculpt
  • Backpack
  • Life Support Device
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Chest Computer
  • Waist belt
  • Space Suit
  • Wrist Brace x2
  • Hand x4
  • Posable legs
  • Cosmic Ray Gun
  • Silver Barracuda 23 Spacecraft
  • Laika Dog Head
  • Protective Shield
  • Posable Body
  • Collectible Brooch
  • Collectible Card

This product is not a toy or product for children. It is a collectors item intended for adults only.