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Lord of the Rings Collectible Action Figurine 1/6 Aragorn Standard Edition Sculpted Hair Queen Studios × INART

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Lord of the Rings Collectible Action Figure of Aragorn, 1/6 scale. Official product by Queen Studios × INART.

the 4th quarter of 2023
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Features :
Product types
Made of
  • PVC
  • Tissu/Polyester
  • Leather
  • 1/6
  • Aragorn

Lord of the Rings Collectible Action Figure of Aragorn, 1/6 scale. Official product by Queen Studios × INART.

"I would have gone with you to the end. Into the very fires of Mordor.”

Aragorn played is one of the most classic Middle-earth characters and is also synonymous with perfection. He has always been loyal and courageous, calm and intelligent, and has become a very important member of the Fellowship of the Ring team. As a ranger, Aragorn has always been mysterious. Compared with Gandalf's central image throughout, Aragorn has always been the leader of the war story line. He followed Frodo on his adventures and protected the Lord of the Rings from being taken by the ring spirits.

Content :

  • INART articulated body *1
  • Eyes-moveable head sculpt with sculpted hair *1
  • Sleeveless undershirt *1
  • Loose-sleeve undershirt *1
  • Leather vest *1
  • Trench coat *1
  • Pants *1
  • Boots *1 pair
  • Vambraces *1 pair
  • Inner lining
  • Cloak *1
  • Button
  • Belt *1
  • Belt bag *1
  • Whetstone *1
  • Relaxed hands *1 pair
  • Hands with holding the sword gesture *1 pair
  • Left hand with holding the pipe gesture *1
  • Left hand with holding the bow gesture *1
  • Right hand with drawing the bowstring gesture *1
  • Sword *1
  • Scabbard *1
  • Double scabbard sword *1
  • Waist knife *1
  • Sheath *1
  • Drawn bow *1
  • Undrawn bow *1
  • Arrow *4
  • Quiver *1
  • Wartime quilt *1
  • Grain bag *1
  • Pipe *1
  • Magnetic base *1

This product is not a toy or product for children. It is a collector’s item intended for adults only.