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Lord of the Rings The Balrog Statue Weta - Artist Proof - (never exposed)

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The Lord of the Rings statue of the Original Balrog. Official limited edition product, here in Artist Proof version, created by the artists at Weta.

Condition: Brand new in box, never displayed.

€3,500.00 Tax included

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Features :
Product types
Made of
  • Resin
Size in cm
  • 34cm x 46cm x 46cm
  • Balrog

The Lord of the Rings statue of the Original Balrog. Official limited edition product, here in Artist Proof* version, created by the artists at Weta.

Condition: Brand new in box, never displayed.

Amazing deposit with this stunning piece, a true master piece from the artisans of Weta Workshop.

The Balrog was released only once out of its box to ensure its perfect condition.

The artisans of Weta Workshop have designed this unique statue of the Balrog, the ancient evil lurking in Khazad-dum.

By some margin the most sought-after statue from the Lord Of The Rings range, the crouching Balrog is constructed with heavyweight polystone, hand painted and stands at an astounding 13.5" tall. The uniquely sculpted base includes a dead Moria Orc and the ruined pieces of the Dwarrowdelf floor.

A fiery whip encompasses the entire front of the sculpture and the charred interiors give the impression of glowing red with fire.

Sizes: 13.5" High (342.9mm) x 18" Wide (457.22mm) x 18" Depth (457.22mm).

Additionally, the initials AP will often be present to signify it being an artist's proof. Some artists will write these numbers in roman numerals, so they are easily distinguished by art collectors as artist's proofs instead of edition prints. Artist's proofs can be worth 20% to 50% more than any limited editions.