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Naruto Shippuden Collectible Action Figure 1/6 Sasori ROCKETTOYS ROC-010

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Naruto Shippuden Collectible Action Figure of Sasori, 1/6 scale. By RocketToys.

the 4th quarter of 2024
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Features :
Product types
Made of
  • PVC
  • Metal/Die-cast
  • Tissu/Polyester
  • 1/6
  • Sasori

Naruto Shippuden Collectible Action Figure of Sasori, 1/6 scale. By RocketToys.

Content :

  • "Scorpion" specially made male body with special joints*1
  • Head sculpt*1 (smiling expression)
  • Replacement face*1 (daily expression)
  • Mobile eyeballs*6
  • Movable eyeball adjustment stick*1
  • Replacement hand type*8 (the lower half of the "one-piece arm" has no wrist joint)
  • Replacement arms*2 (the upper part of the arm is made of silicone, and the upper part of the arm is given with PVC joints)
  • Scorpion heart*1
  • Back reel holder*1 (the reel can be removed)
  • Scroll*4
  • Back blade*8
  • Abdominal rope styling replacement baffle*1
  • Abdominal stretchable rope*1 (nylon material embedded with metal wire for shaping)
  • Hand cannon flame special effects pieces*2
  • Chakra thread*10 (inlaid with metal thread for shaping)
  • Shoes*2
  • Doll display platform*1
  • Sandaime Kazekage Puppet*1
  • (Specially made joint body, movable fingers, mouth and left chest can be opened)
  • Sandaime Kazekage Puppet Blade Weapon*1
  • scorpion
  • Xiao outer robe*1 (printed with red cloud pattern, the collar and body are inlaid with metal wires for styling, and the placket contains magnet closure)
  • Girdle*1
  • Pants*1
  • Sandaime Kazekage Puppet
  • Fur collar robe (the body is inlaid with metal threads for styling)

Special bonus:

  • Head sculpture*1 (puppet's dull expression, with flowing hair)