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La Cité des Nuages ​​offers products from the world of Gremlins. You will find in our catalog, mainly many goodies Gremlins, the action figures and replicas of NECA. Read more

The Movies

Famous American film released in 1984 directed by Joe Dante featuring evil creatures invading the city of Kingston Falls. The film is successful in particular thanks to its star creature Gizmo.

Randall Peltzer, a wacky inventor, travels to New York's Chinatown in an attempt to sell his inventions and find a Christmas present for his son, Billy. He then goes to Mr. Wing's house and notices a small furry creature, a mogwai. The seller ends up selling the creature not without telling him that he must respect three rules: do not expose the mogwai to light and particularly that of the sun, do not put it in contact or make it drink water, never feed him after midnight.

Later, Randall comes home and presents Billy the mogwai who is now called Gizmo, explaining the three rules to him, and Gizmo proves to be a gentle and loving companion.

One day, Billy invites Pete and introduces him to Gizmo. Unfortunately, Pete spills a glass of water on Gizmo which causes him to multiply. Thus, five other mogwaïs are born including one with a wick which is obviously the chief. Unlike Gizmo, these mogwai are mean, rude and pranksters. They will find a way to be fed after midnight.

From then on all the mogwaïs, except Gizmo, were transformed into cocoons within which they metamorphosed. They hatch and give birth to Gremlins, terrifying creatures with the adorable living fluff that the mogwai were.

The success of the film will give a sequel, Gremlins 2 released in 1990.