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Saint Seiya

A first series of action figures inspired by the anime had already seen the light of the day in the late 80s but, in 2003, the Bandai company released a range of action figures called Myth Cloth which will delight fans and their success was immediate. Bandai Tamashii Nations will subsequently release two new lines called Myth Cloth Ex with reworked bodies and more detailed armor pieces and DD Panoramation, smaller figurines with parts to replicate the sets from the series, for the greater pleasure for collectors. With their HQS and HQS + ranges, Tsume has also embarked on the adventure. This is also the case with Kids Logic to produce beautiful resin statues.

La cité des nuages offers a wide choice of articulated figures Myth Cloth, Myth Cloth Ex of Bandai Tamashii Nations and D.D. Panoramation of your favorite characters from the universe of Saint Seiya and many accessories to accompany them. Find many other derivative products  and also the Kids Logic and Tsume statues in their HQS and HQS + ranges. Read more

The animated series

Saint Seiya is a manga by Masami Kurumada which first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in 1986. To tell his story, Kurumada drew inspiration from Greek mythology.

The manga tells the adventures of five young bronze knights, each associated with a constellation, to protect the Goddess Athena, reincarnated in the body of Saori Kido, who reappeared on Earth to fight against the forces of evil.

Seiya, bronze knight of Pegasus, and his companions will have to face many enemies to bring peace and justice in the world.

They will do the battle of Sanctuary and fight the Silver Saint, the mighty Gold Saints, and the Grand Pope. They will fight against the divine warriors (God Warriors) in the realm of Asgard but also against the generals (Marinas) of the Emperor of the oceans, Poseidon and the Specters of Hades in the realm of the dead.

The animated series will have two sequels with Saint Saiya: Omega (2012) where new bronze knights fight against new threats and Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold (2015) which features the twelve golden knights resurrected before s' unite to counter the plans of the false god Loki in the kingdom of Asgard. In 2019, a new animated series saw the light of day, Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō, recounting the events taking place in parallel with the arch of the Sanctuary and highlighting the Saintia, women knights equal to men and protectors of Athena. , with its main heroine Shoko of the Little Horse battling the Goddess of Discord Eris.