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La cité des nuages offers a wide choice of products from the universe of Naruto. You will find in our catalog, PVC statues from MegaHouse and the most popular ranges from Banpresto, action figures from the SH Figuarts range from Bandai Tamashii and “super deformed” from Good Smile Company as well as many goodies.
Also find PVC and resin statues of Tsume  in their HQS and HQS + ranges, numbered pieces supplied with a certificate of authenticity. The collectors of Funko POP! will also find their happiness. Read more


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The story

Naruto is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto first published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1999. Following the immediate success of the manga in Japan, an adaptation in the form of an animated series was created in 2002 and broadcast in France and Belgium in 2006 - 2007.

The story is that of a young orphan, Naruto Uzumaki, living in the hidden village of Konoha. As a child, his village was attacked by Kyûbi, the nine-tailed fox demon. To save the village, the spirit of the demon was sealed in the young boy's body. The latter will end up feeling alone, the inhabitants of the villages seeing in him only the demon.

As a teenager, Naruto is a poor ninja and does all kinds of nonsense to get attention. His dream is to become a Hokage (village chief). He will eventually reach the rank of genin and will be included in Team 7 with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiwa, whom he considers his rival. Team 7 is led by Kakashi Hatake. By dint of perseverance, he will succeed in being recognized by his comrades.

Later, three legendary ninjas will appear and become mentors of our three genins. Naruto will follow Jiraiya, Sakura will follow Tsunade, and Sasuke will follow Orochimaru. The latter is a wanted criminal wanting to appropriate the body of his new disciple.

As the story goes, Naruto Uzumaki will meet Rock Lee, Gaara and many more. Formerly rivals, they will become his friends.

Our hero grows up and the animated series and then baptized Naruto Shippuden  ….