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Naruto Shippuden Killer Bee & Bijû Hachibi HQS Statue 41cm

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Jinchuuriki Killer Bee HQS by Tsume is a tribute to the most surprising duo from Naruto Shippuden. Killer Beethe rapperand the Bijû he lives with peacefully, Hachibi. Together, they will set a precious example for Naruto on his way to master the powerful chakra of the Kyubi!

With our HQS statue, we set Killer Bee in motion. He's standing on top of Hachibi's springing out of water. The ninja is in fighting stance, one leg and one arm streched forward. This is a character which comes greatly as a sculpture since he offers so many contrasts and details, from the tone of his skin to the elements of his outfit. He also features blades, specific tatoos and a pair of sunshades all of these are as many details the eye catches when you're watching your statue every day. There's also the nice motion given to his scarf to add dynamics and balance to the whole statue.

The gigantic bull demon who always goes with Killer Bee is set here springing out of water and roaring, his powerful jaws wide open! His great eight tentacles are surrounding his host, to protect him and strike any threat that might come. Hachibi has been very thoroughly sculpted and he's very much alike the one drawn by Masashi Kishimoto, especially if you check the head or the eyes. The painting job features a lot of gradients to emphasise the overall and a glossy varnish on the tentacle's suckers add a slight contrast on both tone and textures.

Hachibi seems to be springing out of the base he's on. Blue waves of water made of translucent resin are splashing around it, creating a striking contrast of matter and color between Hachibi and the base. Speaking of the base, it's mate black as always with our HQS by Tsume statues with our traditional colored stripe whose pattern mimics the clouds of Kumo's hidden village. Then, you'll find the usual metallic plate with the character's name and the symbol of his village.

Numbered Edition: 1000 pieces. Killer Bee & Hachibi, from the anime Naruto Shippuden. Including: one Killer Bee statue, its companion the Bijû called Hachibi, and its base. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate.

1/8 scaleHeight : 41 cmWidth : 41 cmDiameter : 49 cm

Limited edition to 1000 pieces/worldwide

Condition: Mint in sealed box never exposed with brown box!